Hardwood Flooring Repair Arlington, TX

The Hardwood Floors Company is proud to not only provide installation, but also hardwood flooring repair to Arlington, TX and surrounding areas. If you’ve moved into a new home with damaged floors, you’ll need an experienced hardwood flooring contractor. We’re here to provide expert service and care. We’re also happy to keep our hardwood flooring repair cost as competitive as possible.

Sometimes the damage to your flooring is obvious. Big damage to your floors can be a serious safety hazard, so get this repaired as soon as possible. Other damage can be a bit more subtle. If you see your hardwood slowly changing color, or notice some odd smells coming from it, it’s time to call a professional.

We know that there are a multitude of reasons your floor may need to be repaired. Thankfully, we know each of those specific fixes too.

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Hardwood Flooring Contractor

We’re proud to provide expert hardwood flooring contractor services with professional care. Our team can assess any damage to your flooring to provide the appropriate care. Different damage will need a different fix, so contact us to get started with a consult.

Every job is different, so be sure you have the right team for yours! As the most experienced hardwood flooring contractor in Arlington, TX, we’ll walk you through each step of the repair process. From materials to completion, you can feel free to ask us anything.

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  • Shelby Whitfield
  • David and his team did an excellent job of replacing my flooring throughout our entire home. The team was fast, professional and clean. I am loving my new floors. Thank you for doing such a great job. I would recommend this business to my friends and family. Very happy with their work.

    Schericka Birmingham Avatar
    Schericka Birmingham
  • Hardwood Floors Company LLC did an amazing job for our project. They were quick to respond through thumbtack and came out the next day for a quote. They came out a couple of times to drop off samples so we made the best decision. They were able to start my project very quickly and finished my project in one day. They had so many workers that it made everything very seamless. They were very responsive and all the staff was fantastic. We would recommend them to anyone; we have already recommended them to one of our neighbors.

    Mauricio R. Avatar
    Mauricio R.
  • I was very impressed with David and his crew from the start. When David came to give an estimate he was very attentive and listened carefully to my questions and concerns. He was very responsive and when I called with additional questions he responded immediately. His crew was very careful with my home and hung plastic to reduce the amount of dust. They did an expert job laying the new flooring and matching it to the existing floor. I can't say enough about how positive this experience was. I highly recommend this company. They provided expert work for me and they worked very hard to make sure I was satisfied. My flooring is beautiful.

    Mary Kainer Avatar
    Mary Kainer
  • Great work. Great quality. Mr. David was nice, kind and made sure the job was done to perfection! I will definitely recommend this company.

    GoreeEnterprises Avatar
  • David and his team were very professional and explained the whole process very thoroughly. We got our hard floors resurfaced and refinished to a gray stain (previously espresso). The whole process took 2.5 days with his team of 8 people they did a great job. I highly recommend David and his company for any hard floor job. He works on your schedule but made sure to complete project and move all furniture back the way it was. Will definitely use him again in the future.

    Steven P. Avatar
    Steven P.
  • Excellent quality of work. Very dependable. On time every day, completed job as scheduled.

    Bryan Maze Avatar
    Bryan Maze
  • (Translated by Google) Good personalized attention

    Pleasant facilities and variety in its floors.

    Widely recommended.


    Buena atención personalizada

    Agradables instalaciones y variedad en sus pisos.

    Ampliamente recomendables.

    Leticia Reyes Avatar
    Leticia Reyes
  • My newly refinished floors look absolutely beautiful. David and his team really know what they are doing. Everyone was so accommodating, professional, and punctual. They also offered me the best quote (out of 3.) This was money well spent. I highly recommend this company!

    Shawn C. Avatar
    Shawn C.
  • Great Company to work with! David and his team very professional and does a great job!

    Reena J. Avatar
    Reena J.
  • David and his team exceeded my expectations on how the whole floor came out. It was a combination of existing and new flooring. You would not be able to tell the difference between what was existing and what is new. When they left every thing was clean and complete.

    Mike Ernenwein Avatar
    Mike Ernenwein
  • David Roman Avatar
    David Roman
  • Awesome group of people! Brought me samples, worked hard to get the best match to my existing wood, installed in one day!! Great experience, highly recommend!

    Jan B. Avatar
    Jan B.
  • David and his guys did an outstanding job!!! Quality work. David was always reachable. Gave us a time and date of completion and fulfilled it. The ladies in the office were very professional contacted us and confirmed the price and start time. I would highly recommend them. David’s crew men were friendly and professional.

    Ashley C. Avatar
    Ashley C.
  • Excelente servicio y profesionalismo. Variedad en pisos. Me encanta.

    Nery Sofía Avatar
    Nery Sofía
  • David and his crew did such a wonderful job putting new hardwood floors. They are very dedicated and detailed in doing their work. Will definitely recommend them to our friends.

    Manish Singh Avatar
    Manish Singh
  • Superior craftsmanship, high quality product, fair pricing, with trustworthy dependable, and polite service. Extremely pleased from the beginning first meeting to completed project of beautiful wood flooring in my home.

    Keith Critcher Avatar
    Keith Critcher

Hardwood Flooring Repair Cost

Your hardwood flooring repair cost will depend on a variety of factors.

The area of flooring is important, especially the difference between just one room and an entire house.

The type of damage is one of the biggest factors in hardwood flooring repair cost. Many different factors can cause damage to your hardwood floors. Some discoloration can occur in areas that get lots of regular use. Everyday maintenance can help keep this issue at bay, but over time it is bound to happen. The same goes for all of those scratches that build up.

Moisture can also be a killer of hardwood. Be sure that you’re keeping everything as sealed and secured as possible. Just one opening can let a leak in, and you could be looking at a mess. Moisture entering your floors can cause buckling, splintering, or cupping. It can even build up to the point where it creates space between your floorboards.

While these problems can be pretty easy to spot, letting moisture in can lead to an even more serious problem for your floors. Mold can make its way into your home through those damp floorboards. All the moisture trapped in there can eventually turn to mold, which can rot your floors. It can also lead to terrible smells that are difficult to find.

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Hardwood Flooring Repair Near Me

If you’re looking for hardwood flooring repair near me, look no further!

We’re proud to serve Arlington, TX and the surrounding areas. Damage to your home is never convenient. Our team is ready to walk you through the repair process as smoothly as possible.

The “do it yourself” approach can be tempting, but with hardwood floors, it’s usually better not to risk it. This part of your home is an investment, and factors into your home’s value pretty heavily. There’s quite a bit that can go wrong in a flooring repair if you aren’t sure what you’re doing, so it’s probably best to leave it to the experts.

If repairing your own floor wasn’t complicated enough, don’t forget about all the required tools and materials. If you’re able to determine exactly what you need, and how much of it, you’ll still need the proper tools to make the fix. Don’t damage your flooring any further, contact a professional.

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